WAFE | Well planning, costing and tracking  
Integrating well planning with commercial terms is vital in order to make cost effective
decisions for your drilling programs.
Well planning is a very complex science and multi-
faceted discipline, in particular for maturing fields
where production potential needs to be optimized
and commercial terms and conditions need to be
structured to make sure that all stakeholder can
truly operate in an enabling environment.
Contracts and procurement
The contracts and procurement decision model
provides support in concluding optimal terms
and conditions for contracts. In addition
purchase order can be generated for applied
terms and conditions and budgets agreed
upon for all service providers involved.
Well costing and AFE analysis
Well costing for multiple
scenarios are derived,
including technical limit costs.
The model integrates with
decision models that take into
account drilling operations
data, learnings and
commercial terms and
Well planning
Multiple drilling scenarios, drilling the
limit,and risked drilling programs can
be modeled and evaluated on its
robustness. The models allow for
de-risking the program and puts a
price on risk through its integration
with risk & performance and
commercial models.
WAFE stands for Well Assurance For Engineers and is a
proprietary framework developed by New Frontier
Solutions. The framework consists of decision-models,
methods and insights that are provided as an integral part
of our
project support services.
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