X - Date stamped Quality Assured drilling data
As a decision-maker and analyst it is important that you can trust your data.
Historic data is analyzed and assessed in order to produce 'technical limit' data or variants, depending on
the methodology that is being followed by our clients. As a result, performance benchmarks and
performance frontiers are derived and discussed with the client by our project support team. The
performance data can be uploaded into our
Well Assurance For Engineers decision models in order to
generate risked and de-risked drilling programs
Performance benchmarking using historic wells data
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Yosua Setyobudhi
Teamlead technology & solutions
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The clean data can then be used to ensure accuracy in various metrics, well schematics, and well integrity
indicators, while also reviewing drilling parameters and identifying relevant offset data for meaningful Technical
Limit analysis.

The model outputs date-stamped quality assured data with the potential to release a significant portion of
the Well Engineer’s time for value activities more appropriate to their skills.
Date stamped quality assured data
Tools and solutions
Over the last several years we have noticed that,although
many operators now run Daily Drilling Report systems, the
capacity to use these systems for informed decision
making is often hampered by the poor quality of data
input and the time constraints on Engineers for the
required QA/QC.  

New Frontier Solutions, working with Drilling managers,
Supervisor and Engineers, has developed a tool for rapid
analysis of Daily Drilling Reports in a multitude of formats
to identify inconsistencies and errors and to present clean