Performance and risk management
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Yenny Subhawani
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Putting a price on risk
Risk mitigating actions aim to prevent failure. But how do
we put a price on risk and how do we decide whether to  
mitigate or not? To make matters more complicated: how
do we extract learnings from historic data, if historic data
mostly contains information about outcomes of actions,
such as failures and success, but hardly describe the
actions and decisions that led to those successes or
Learning from past failures is a driver for future high performance. We thus need to understand
the causations that lead to failures and successes, using knowledge from historic data and
personal experiences.
Our decision models in the area of risk and performance management bring together the worlds of finance, mathematics, statistics,
psychology and behavioral economics.
Our proprietary decision models to price risk integrates contract and procurement
models with Lessons Learned and risk and performance benchmarking models.