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Yenny Subhawani
Teamlead project support
Phone: +622157951288


  • Developing robust scenarios to quickly react to changing circumstances in volatile times
  • Performance benchmarking for operational excellence
  • Providing real-time visibility on project cost, performance and risk metrics
Creating an enabling environment for making informed and better decisions
Taking a holistic view on decision-problem, our models include decision models in the following domains: risk mitigation and
performance bench marking models, asset valuation, logistics optimization, contract and procurement evaluation. Industry
specific methodologies are applied for Oil & Gas.
We provide our resources, analytics tools & decision models, insights and technology to
support you with the data analysis, project planning and project execution.
In volatile times and environments, bold decisions may need to be
taken fast. In those situations decisions may be largely driven by
intuition and emotions.

Decision models allow you to check your intuition by analysis and
make informed and better decisions both during the planning and
execution phase.

Sole reliance on intuition and emotions often leads to poor decisions,
resulting into underestimation of project duration and  project cost
overruns. Next, historic unrecoverable cost become focus point and
additional investments are poured into the project.

Since predicting the future is difficult, our planning framework allows
for the analysis of future operational scenarios, hence preparing your
organization for volatile times that require quick actions and decisions.
Decisions that have been analyzed during the planning phase.
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