New Frontier Solutions Pte. Ltd. was founded in 2003  in Singapore by Peter Serhalawan and Frank van Gelder. Projects
were mostly carried out in the area of mathematical modeling, statistics and decision analysis. Projects were diverse and
ranged from helping our clients in the Middle East with the design of optimal license fee structures for incumbent mobile
phone companies to container optimization for shipping companies in Indonesia. However, the development of mathematical
models to support decision-making was always at the centre of the services.

By 2006, New Frontier Solutions Pte. Ltd. developed decision support models in the areas of credit risk management,
territory management for Fortune 500 companies and production scheduling models. During this period a software
development unit was set-up in Indonesia. The software development unit developed flagships products as CAS, an

Enterprise Credit Risk Management System
for the SME sector, and JUMP, an enterprise web-based Territory - and Sales
management system,  for the financial services and retail industry.  We ran two business units, Consumer Goods and Retail,
focusing on transportation, sales and supply chain management and
Financial Services, focusing on credit risk management
for SMEs.  

In 2007, New Frontier Solutions Pte. Ltd. was awarded a project by a medium-size Oil & Gas company in Australia to assist
with the modeling of logistics challenges of rig moves in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The success of the project led
to various requests of other energy firms in the areas of geothermal , carbon capture & storage and oil drilling. Since, the
energy projects were rewarded in Australia, an Australian company was established, New Frontier Solutions Pty. Ltd.

By 2012, it was decided to set up a dedicated Business Unit
Oil & Gas. Rather than focusing on mathematical modeling only,
the Energy Business Unit carried out all planning and execution activities for the delivery of drilling programs. By 2015, the
energy unit does not only employ specialists in the area of performance & risk management and optimization, but also
energy experts with extensive experience in drilling and reservoir management. Together with the software development
unit, a suite of decision models to optimize the well delivery programs has been developed in order to  support our
consultants with the managing, planning and execution of well programs in Asia, Australia, Europe and Russia.

The business unit financial services and consumer goods provide consulting services. The business unit Energy offers
consulting, data solutions and project support. While the entities are managed separately, the exchange of decision models
remains. Migration of proven technologies has been one of the key success factors over the years, as it ensures quick
delivery of results, which is much needed in todays environment.

New Frontier Solutions is currently further expanding its services and provides intelligence (data solutions) and is developing
apps for the iphone in order to make our decision models available to a larger publi
c. By 2018, NFS is introducing a flapship
toolkit Ivy, an AI technology based development kit for the energy sector.