JUMP is a web-based decision support system to manage your
sales territories,sales staff and product mix.  JUMP
simultaneously optimizes the sales efforts, contact strategy,
product-mix, journey planning and territory management.
Lillian Setiawan
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Lillian Setiawan
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Product mix manager
The product mix manager
determines  the optimal
product -bundle to be
offered to each client
thereby maximizing the
revenue, while taking into
account the individual
targets of the sales person.
Journey planner
For each sales person, daily
routing schedules are
optimized, such that the
number of visits to the
client is being maximized.
Complex constraints as
traffic jams and unforeseen
availability of clients are
taken into account as quick
re-optimization will provide
newly generated feasible
schedules considering the
current position of the
sales staff (hence creating
robust schedules).

Workforce scheduler
This module determines the
optimal workforce size and
creates daily working
____________________________________ DASHBOARD __________________________________
Providing powerful information on relevant Key Performance Indicators and Operating Metrics, which assist you to manage your
portfolio on a daily basis.
Territory manager
For each sales person the
territories are optimized
taking into account monthly
targets, route schedules,
time spent on face-to-face
meetings, product
demonstrations and
complex constraints as
traffic jams, flexible working
hours and skill sets.