CASME | Credit Assessment System for SMEs
Tools and solutions
With data already available in your ERP and risk profiling information stored in CASME, CASME gives a new dimension to
Risk & Performance by intelligently spotting  risk-profiled sales  opportunities. Scoring cards for different market
segments,industries, companies and individuals, allow you to determine the risk profile of the applicant, which knowledge
is then utilized to not only determine the best product bundle, but also to optimize the overall risk-benefit profile of the

Rigorous analytics gives you new insights into the opportunities to expand your portfolio in a healthy and sustainable way.
CASME features

  • Datawarehouse
    Serves as the input into the decision models
    providing you with risk and commercial feedback
    on the loan applicant in relation to your portfolio
    and your risk appetite.

  • Workflow
    Monitoring the duration as a means to quality
    control and speedy processing for your
    competitive advantage.

  • Decision models
    A variety of decision models ranging from score
    cards, portfolio optimizers and from wallet
    allocators to cash flow management. See below
    for the various decision models.
Enterprise Risk & Performance System to expand or build your SME portfolio
CASME additional features

Separate modules include  

  • Dashboard with powerful information on Key
    Performance Indicators and Operating Metrics.

  • Emerging market knowledge base.

  • Warning system and automatic action generator.

    At execution level the system excels through its
    build-in warning system and diary keeping for the
    officers. When applications have not been
    finalized yet, the system will automatically
    generate TO DO task lists to ensure speedy
CASME decision models

  • SME credit scoring models emerging market
    While financial information may not always be available to
    the credit analyst,  cash flow analysis, trade circumstances,
    references from other sources are only a few of the factors
    that drive the decision to accept or reject a loan applicant.

    An extensive knowledge built around the input from
    experienced emerging market credit analysts, marketing
    officers, branch managers and CFOs form the foundation of
    the credit scorecards against which a loan applicant is

    Running at International banks in Indonesia, across a
    network of more than 100 branches, for over the past
    three years, the models form an integral part of the day-to-
    day practices of the credit analysts, marketing officers and
    branch managers.

    Scorecards are available for different type of market
    segments and business sectors, size of companies who
    apply for loans, micro-lending and medium to corporate
    sizes SME lending.

  • SME Portfolio manager
    Taking into account the Banks strategy set on target
    segments, such as loans sizes, business sector, this model
    determines the optimal portfolio given your risk appetite
    and bank strategy.

  • Wallet
    Given the buckets of companies this module allows you to
    offer the right product with the right price under the right
    conditions and offers a huge competitive advantage.